What Are The Latest Trends in Wedding Videographers in Patna, Bihar & Bhagalpur?

If you are getting married this year, it is important that you look at the latest cinematography trends that are catching all the limelight.

  • Same day editing: Same day editing is an interesting concept wherein your chosen videographers in Kolkata shoot the silly, happy, and funny moments of the wedding, compile and edit it quickly, and showcase it towards the end of the event, when everybody is done with the ceremony and the activities. This becomes the highlight of the event.
  • ‘Save The Date’ video: While postal invitations and cards have been a quintessential part of a wedding, it is soon becoming a thing of the past. Now couples like to shoot a full-blown ‘Save the Date’ video and share it with everybody that they’d like to have on their special day.
  • Highlights Reel: Let us be real. Not everybody likes to sit down and watch an hour-long wedding video. So, a 5-minute Highlights Reel is prepared so that the guests can enjoy the wedding vibe and cherish the moments.

What Are The Things That You Must Discuss With Your Wedding Videographer in Patna?

Before choosing a videographer in Kolkata, it is important that you discuss your preferences, and also clear queries to reduce any hassles later.

  • Date Availability: While choosing a wedding film maker in Kolkata, the first thing to ask and confirm with them is their date availability. Confusion in dates will lead to huge issues later.
  • Who will be filming the wedding?: Is the person you are speaking to will shoot the wedding? Or will there be someone else? It is important that you connect with the person directly to understand his ideas and share yours.
  • Booking & Cancellation Policy: Please clarify the booking and cancellation policy of the videographer that you finally choose. Since they are booked a few months in advance, it is better to understand the refunds that they are open to, just in case the date or plans change.
By- Sumit Singh

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